Meisei International Patent Firm handles patents, utility models, designs, and trademarks in the fields of electricity and electronics, computers, image processing and multimedia. In particular, we handle patent applications from Japan which are destined for overseas countries, and those from overseas countries coming into Japan.
We cover a wide array of technical fields. With each attorney continually expanding and deepening their ability and experience in their field of expertise, we are able to constantly possess a deep understanding of all technical matters.
We would be proud to participate in your intellectual endeavors.

Patent&Utility Model

Japanese Patent System provides two kinds of utility patent protections; Patent and Utility Model Registration. Eligible matters for Patent rights include almost all kinds of products, devices, machines, manufactures, processes and computer implemented business methods. Utility Model Registration is a non-examined registration with a 10 year term.
We have patent attorneys specializing in various technical fields such as computer science, electronics, mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, optoelectronics and telecommunications. It is out great pride that we have been engaged in the protection of world leading technologies such as inkjet printers and hybrid vehicles, and we always enjoy earning knowledge of the most advanced technologies from clients.
We support our international clients in Japanese patent filing as well as domestic clients in foreign patent filing. We are now receiving Japanese patent applications from all over the world. We also assist our clients in consulting, negotiation, licensing, and litigation of patents and utility model rights.


We have extensive experience in providing high quality services for submitting and organizing design applications. It is not our priority to pursue a high number of cases. Our emphasis is to precisely describe the originality of the design with reference to the drawings, identifying that the produce has been originally designed, and the making of the design drawings.
From lengthy spark plug cables to cameras equipped with a protective cover, we are fully experienced in applying for design registrations for odd or unique products.
We also have developed a strong background in registering trademarks both inside and outside of Japan. As well as the application for product trademark and service mark registration in Japan, we are experts on the Madrid Protocol-based application, the international application, and the trademark application from overseas to Japan. From our experience, we can properly advise our clients how to deal with the problems caused by misleading and confusing trademark names.